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June 19, 2008

Shadowrun Again!!

Finally got to dive back into the world of Shadowrun. Did this cover for Catalyst Game Labs earlier this year.


Johnny Taco said...

Nice work Johnny! All your fans at the San Diego Con will be all over that sweet piece! Is this a throw back to traditional work or is this one of your recent digital forays?

Keep thirsty my brutha!

Johnny Taco

knucklehead said...

Very nice Mr. Z! I love all the attention to detail, especially the color and lighting, something that I like in your traditional works.

uncle knucklehead

DAS Illustration said...

Great piece there John- Glad to see you got your blogg up!

see you at CC 08!

Thomas Perkins said...

Z! Coolness, mon frer. I dig the Shadowrun revival. Well done.