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February 17, 2010

2011 Calendar

putting the finishing touches on 2011 calendar. Here's one of the images


mike lemos said...

I was looking at this about a week or so ago. Thinking about it today I had to come back and say I really like how your work has gone forward, good stuff John. Keep it up!

John Zeleznik said...

Thanks Mike! I appreciate that.

szederjei said...

I found my favourite illustrators blog!!! Great day!

Th calendar looks good. Just pre-ordered one.

May I humbly ask if it is possible to acquire a copy of the In Nomine cover of yours? It would have a nice place on my wall...

szederjei said...
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John Zeleznik said...


Glad you found my blog.

Thanks for the calendar order.

Don't have any prints of the In Nomine cover. Just a few copies of the hardback which would be kind of hard to pin to the wall. I do have the original art looking for a nice home. If you're at all interested send me an email to and I can give you some details